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About Ole Ike Bay

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About Ole Ike
My grandfather Isaiah Rolle was affectionately known as ‘ Ole Ike ’ . He used this land to grow crops and to raise animal livestock . He chose this land because of the rich soil and the mere fact that it was the only property in the area with a strategically located fresh water natural pond. Ole Ike attended University at age 50 where he studied Agriculture . He was a family man, community leader, entrepreneur, teacher and preacher. My father (John Rolle – now deceased) chose this property to build his retirement house on , because he remembered how beautiful and unique this property was when he tended to crops and animal livestock as a little boy. My dad named this property Ole Ike Bay in honour of my grand father. My sister and I intend to honour our grand father and father by improving upon what was bequeathed to us by our father. The vision for this property has just begun . We look forward to hosting you!
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